To Stay or Not To Stay - That Is the Question


Our homes are special places to us. It's where we live and build memories. As we age, our lives and our needs change, and so may our housing needs. Planning ahead now can make a world of difference in what kind of life we have in the future. It also means that we can have an active role in those plans, and can make our wishes known. For instance, my mom has made it known in no uncertain terms that under no circumstances does she want to move in with any of us, and because of that decision, she has made sure she has plans in place should she no longer be able to live on her own.


So - how do you make the decisions? What do you need to consider? This checklist may be helpful:

  • Level of Care - especially important if you have a chronic health condition that may worsen with time.

  • Location & Accessibility - If you can no longer drive, how will you get to the store, medical appointments, other services?

  • Social Support - how easy is it for you to visit friends, neighbors, or engage in hobbies you enjoy?

  • Caregiving Support - even if family members are able to help out now, what if they can't in the future?

  • Finances - aging in place might be more expensive than living in an assisted living community. How will you pay for future expenses? Do you have long-term care insurance? Do you qualify for low income senior housing?